20 JRPGs you must play

The list of 20 RPGs the everyone must play from Kotaku.

Here is my progress on the list.

1. Final Fantasy VI – So agree, played at release, but did not finish.

2. Illusion of Gaia – Played and completed.

3. Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete – Played and completed on Playstation, sorry Sega CD.

4. Ni no kuni – Played and completed.

5. Phantasy Star IV – Played but not finished.

6. Chrono Trigger – Played and beat, but only some of the endings.

7. Persona 4 – Have not played, but added to backlog.

8. Final Fantasy VII – Played but not finished.

9. Xenogears – Played but not finished.

10. The Legend of Heroes: Trail in the Sky – Have not played, but added to backlog.

11. Earthbound – Have not played.

12. Radiant Historia – Have not played.

13. Lufia 2 – Have not played.

14. Suikoden 2 – Have not played.

15. Super Mario RPG – Played but not finished.

16. Final Fantasy IX – Played and finished.

17. Dragon Quest VIII – Played but not finished.

18. Final Fantasy Tactics – OMG yes, but not finished.

19. Kingdom Hearts 2 – Played and finished.

20. Secret of Mana – Played and finished.


So my rank is 14 out of 20 played and 7 of 20 completed. The completionist in my hurts on RPGs before final dungeons. (Screw you Chocobo breeding)

The few games I think might have deserved mention on the list:

Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together


Jeanne D’Arc

(These might just be variations of Final Fantasy Tactics which I can respect)

Fire Emblem

(Never played myself, but so many of them figured they must be doing something right)

Shining Force