Remember ME

Remember Me is an older PS3 game that had been sitting in the bag log for a while. Released by Dontnod in 2013 it is a game that tackles an interesting topic of memory and the sci-fi concept of being able to change memories via hacking.

The art style, character models, and voice acting are the high points of the production. The plot that is developed from the inter-personal family relationship is very good, but the overall plot suffers the typical issues of sci-fi tropes of nebulous threats, super truncated time tables, and failure to let the concepts develop before you are rushed into more action sequences.

The level design is very linear jumping between effectively straight hallways to battle arenas. While the game does well trying to introduce new concepts, the controls and combat system are just not that entertaining. There are significant difficulty spikes and combat sequences that feel unfair unless you practice the combat timings to improve.

The highlight of the game is the few sequences of memory manipulation you perform by changing a few specific variables in the memory and seeing it play out with your changes. Being able to rewind and fast forward to get the new outcomes is a good control system and showing branching choices of changes. Behind the scenes you know it is no different from a branching dialogue path, but it plays out passively as you make your adjustments to the memories.

The spattering of French philosophers and the message that taking someone’s pain and suffering away does not actually make them happier is a concept I can fully support. The presentation is one that stumbles towards telling it compellingly. While I am glad to have played this one to completion and get it off of the backlog shelf, it is probably one I will never touch again.