Walking Dead Season 2

The game continues the story of Clementine as she navigates the post zombie apocalypse after the heartbreaking loss of her protector Lee in the first season.

The animation is excellent and controls continue to work well. There was a momentary issue where the graphics slowed to a crawl, but I think it was an issue of my console heating up since a restart of the game corrected it.

The writing is still interesting and has some honest decisions where it comes from their perspectives and motivations.

The curse about Telltale games and more specifically the walking dead, there are just no good choices. There is no happy ending, but more a character story of how people react to, handle, and respond to impossible situations. The story is crafted to specifically place you between two characters having to pick a side when people are angry, frustrated, and rarely wiling to listen to reason. Sympathetic characters have secrets to hide. Bastards have some backstory or secret that gives better explanation of their motives.

The one true bastard Carver, voiced by James Marsden, is well acted and is a clear villain.

What I take away as chain playing all 5 episodes in 2 days is that in the apocalypse you need to keep a level head and try to understand people’s emotions and reasons. Discussion needs to happen to avoid the group shattering problems that occur. There are no saints in this wasteland of zombies. Forgive, but do not forget people’s actions (both good and bad). You need to help others and the help of others.

The lessons I took from the game is that I hope I can be true to my convictions and maintain my humanity and believing in the better nature of others despite the numerous betrayals and unrewarded sacrifices that are likely to happen.