General Politics

2020 – Takeaways

The lessons learned from 2020 and the January 2021 Coda.

  1. Isolation is bad for society
  2. Mobs make terrible choices
  3. Humans are hypocrites
  4. Nothing is truly free
  5. Forgiveness is the only path forward


Isolations caused by economic downturn and imposed lockdowns raise the natural tensions of interpersonal relationships, limit the avenues of natural release which can bottle emotions seeking relief, and has a tendency to build tribal or siege mindsets in those affected.

Uncontrollable situations such as lack of work, fears over your paycheck, and concern for loved ones combine with lack of human interaction or limited human interaction leads to cabin fever and making poor life choices.

“No man is an island,”

John Donne

Assuming good intentions for the governmental lockdown requirements, the fact of the matter is that there are consequences for these decisions that need to be weighed for continued or future lockdowns. The rates of domestic violence, alcohol use, drug use, and issues of mental illness all rose dramatically as a result of the isolation and lockdowns.


Mobs and riots are poor choices triggered by emotional outbursts rather than rational thinking, generate short term catharsis, and always act counter to your stated objective by giving your opponents evidence of your faults.

“…a riot is the language of the unheard.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

The perception that one one has no voice unless they resort to violent protest is one of the most basic in human nature and the application of the fight or flight mindset. The isolation caused by the lockdowns undoubtedly impacted the feelings of those who concluded they were the unheard.

The fools who supported mob riots have no one to blame when mobs and riots become more common. Once freed they might find they are on the other side of the mob in the future.


While not a new revelation in any way, the last year has given ample evidence of our species inability to be true to ourselves.

Lockdowns are broken by the same leaders who implemented them.

Mobs and Riots can be good if they align with your politics.

Preaching that everyone should follow the science, but only when it supports your points.


Between the government spending to combat the COVID pandemic or the actions taken by big technology companies that leverages the financial benefit of offering free services always comes at a cost.

The industry bailouts and the payments to citizens will always result in a bill due. One can fool themselves that they will get others to pay it, but with the size of the national debts of each country the people most likely to pay will be your own children and descendants in future generations.

Big Tech has revealed the uncontrolled power they have to silence those they find do not align with their sometimes vague virtues. They gain their power by building platforms that leverage free services to gain volume while those users rarely know the consequences when they sign up. In itself there is nothing wrong with this arrangement, legally or morally, but users should understand the power they are giving these companies. One must choose if they want to enable companies that could just as quickly swing their politics away from you if that is what it takes to stay in business or continue to make a profit.


Forgiveness in others is the only hope we have.

The more you demonize, the more you cancel, the more you attempt to silence others the more it leads to fights, mobs, and riots.

The more you listen and empathize the less likely your friend, your neighbor, your family, or your coworkers will feel unheard.